E Nature USA

Redesigning a Korean skincare brand for the American market

e nature usa-min

Design intern for Korean Beauty International

September 2016 - December 2016

September 2018 - July 2019

I worked closely with the Korean Beauty International marketing team to help promote E Nature USA, a major brand partner, in their first months of debut in the United States. The skincare brand has now expanded to major retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Target.

Insights & Experience

E Nature USA is a Korean skincare brand created by one of the top cosmetic companies in South Korea, ITS HANBUL. Over the course of four months, I designed website assets and social media marketing campaigns for E Nature USA as they made their debut in the United States. I worked closely with the marketing and public relations team of Korean Beauty International to develop the brand in North America.

E Nature USA is a skincare brand with a modern and simplistic aesthetic, so I really had to keep in mind that less is more when designing. During the process of working with E Nature USA's marketing team, I truly learned how to translate a brand's aesthetic into design.

When I was an intern, E Nature USA was only sold in America through their website, and the entire packing and shipping process was done by our small team at Korean Beauty International. Nowadays, it's amazing to me that E Nature USA has expanded to major retailers like Urban Outfitters and Target. I'm incredibly happy to see that Korean Beauty International and E Nature USA have come a long way since I was an intern.

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